Our commitment to improving
healthcare has been recognized by leaders in the field.

But we won't stop until quality healthcare is accessible by all.

Grand Winner Dsion Startup Challenge startuo Challenge
Reglonal Champion Youth Colab South Korea Youth colab
Seoul Excellent Strartup Team Awardes TIC
1st Place Global Startup Competition 실리콘밸리한인회
2nd Prize Winner LG Connect 2020 LG
Geumcheon-gu Award Receipient G-Valley Competition Gvalley
Seoul Forest Social Venture Competition Funding Receipient 성동구
Startup Funding Recepient 중소기업청
Best Startup Global Social Venture Funding & Linc Funding Recepient 한양대
Grand Prize Awardee TIPS Summit TIPS KOREA
MOA Linecare Telehealth Platform Dost
PATENT Linecare Telehealth Platform 특허청